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Our 2010 Flyers

Two full page flyers - Adobe PDF - 793 KB (contains 2 flyers)
Postcard flyer with photos - Adobe PDF - 269 KB (4 per sheet)
Postcard flyer with illustrations - Adobe PDF - 394 KB (4 per sheet)


  1. Open one of the above files by clicking on the link above.
    • You will need Adobe Acrobat, or the free Acrobat Reader to open the file.
  2. From the File menu or the tool bar select Print.
  3. Unless you can print "full bleed", (or "borderless,) check the "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" checkbox - otherwise your printer will eat the edges.
  4. Check the "Auto-rotate and center pages" checkbox - this will automatically turn the page landscape.
  5. Enter in the number of copies you'd like to print.
  6. Click OK to print the flyers.
  7. For postcard flyer only:
    1. Trim off the white edges from all 4 sides.
    2. Cut into 4 cards.

2010 Flyers by zaun

Color Flyer, more revealing. The fun parts of the naked girl are in plain view. Use where people have a more open attitude about nudity. Adobe PDF - 4.3 MB

Color Flyer, less revealing. The fun parts of the naked girl are covered by the date text. Use where people might be offended by nudity. Adobe PDF - 4.2 MB

Instructions: Above are for color printing on 8 1/2 x 11 (letter) paper. File size is 4.3 MBs. These are large files and may take several minutes to download. The PDF contains 4 pages of the same artwork. This allows you to do "2 UP" or "4 UP" printing from the Adobe PDF Reader for reduced sized flyers. To do 4 flyers per sheet in Adobe PDF Reader, Click on the printer icon (or select File and then Print...). Click on the Properties button in the Print dialog. Click on the Layout tab in the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog. Select the number of Pages per Sheet you desire (e.g. 4). Then click OK until all the dialogs are closed.

More from zaun: Visit zaun's web page for additional versions of this flyer, (including alternative file formats and a black and white version,) as well as a cool image badge which you can use on your web site, flyers, etc.

Other Resources / Articles

"SF Naked Bike Ride Against Oil Dependency", June 12, 2004, (Indy Bay)

"Au naturel is natural for Naked Yoga Guy", September 22, 2004, (SF Chronicle)
This is a really good article, which includes a statement from the DA's office on public nudity in SF.

"The naked city", May 19, 2004, (SF Bay Guardian)
(A good article on nudity in SF, and the legalities of.)
An article in the Bare Witness covering the 2004 rides internationally.

A site detailing the police harassment a few riders had encountered from Sergeant John Velasquez, badge # 742, of the San Francisco Police Department, on an 'unofficial' ride we had done a couple of months after the 2004 WNBR-SF ride.

Local Groups and Organizations With Related Interests

The Bay Area Naturists
The Bay Area Naturists are a loosely-knit collection of people in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. Activities span a variety of interests, educational, social, and recreational purposes. The Bay Area Naturists was formed to provide a liaison for people with similar interests to meet one another and establish a more visible presence.

Other Sites With Related Interests

Nudist Resorts, Nudist Colonies, Nude Beaches & Clothing Optional Vacation Travel - Nudist Escapes
Nudist Resorts and nudist vacations for the ultimate clothing optional naturist at Nudist Escapes. Discover the perfect nudist resort and plan your nudist vacation getaway today!

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